hi, my name is kira
not worth describing.
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Broke Diderato

Brooke DiDonato is a fine art photographer based in New York City. 

Her work blurs the boundaries of fiction by fusing real-life narratives with surreal, dream-like elements. She is inspired by the subconscious mind and its relation to our emotions and perceptions.

Brooke’s work has been nationally recognized by Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Creative Quarterly and College Photographer of the Year. She received a gold in illustration from College Photographer of the Year in 2012.

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Real Hero by College & Electric Youth
Drive Soundtrack
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College (feat. Electric Youth)||A Real Hero
back against the wall and odds
with the strength of a will and a cause
your pursuits are called outstanding
you’re emotionally complex


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Halifax Jazz Festival 2014


Halifax Jazz Festival 2014

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st. vincent 

some women survive
by growing claws on their skin
pinching whomever comes
examining them
before cutting their claws off
to be liquid love.

don’t curse them
for when the attacker came
she was first liquid
she has just learnt her lesson.

some women survive
by creating walls
big walls, guarding their hearts
and you say,
“let them in”
she has been covered in regrets
crawled on all four for her salvation

don’t curse them,
for when her attacker came
there she was, loving
she has built her walls
brick by brick
guarding against parasites.
Don’t blame her.

some women are broken
not ready to be healed
some women are broken
not ready for love
and that’s alright,
Let her find herself
Let her crawl if she must
Let her tear herself apart
Let her question all she knows.
Let her become her own sun.
Let her.

Ijeoma Umebinyuo. (via theijeoma)
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Joan and Sherlock + tropes

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